Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the following Graduates of Ss. Joachim and Anne School on receiving Catholic High School Scholarships – $141,180.

Angie Bermeo – St. Agnes High School Honors Program – Montepulciano Academic Scholarship and Principals Award = $10,000 and a 2nd Scholarship Award from Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School for an Academic Scholarship in the amount of $4,000.

Melodie Cadichon – The Mary Louis Academy Scholastic Award – $8,000.

Shelsy Fils-Aime – Cathedral High School Full Academic Scholarship – $35,180 and a 2nd Scholarship Award from Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School for an Academic Scholarship for $6,000.

Lauren Hedge – Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School Academic Scholarship in the amount of $18,000.

Madison King – The Mary Louis Academy Scholastic Award – $8,000 and a 2nd Scholarship from St. Mary’s of Manhasset in the amount of $16,000.

Carla Paul – St. Agnes High School Honors Program – Montepulciano Academic Scholarship and Principals Award $10,000 and a 2nd Academic Scholarship in the amount of $6,000.

Chelsea Sanabria – Bishop Loughlin Academic Scholarship – $7,000 and a 2nd Scholarship for Music in the amount of $13,000.

Total Scholarships for Catholic High Schools = $141,180


May Crowning 2017

Crowning of the Blessed Mother

Ss. Joachim and Anne Celebrates May Crowning

On May 31st the First Holy Communicants and the newly Confirmed Candidates along with the entire school family participated in Ss. Joachim and Anne’s May Crowning. Fr. Berrette presided over the celebration.Christine Bermeo crowned the Blessed Mother as the many parents who attended the ceremony proudly applauded the happy event. What a glorious day for SsJA!

May – Student of the Month

Congratulations to the following students who received

Certificate of Effort ~ May 2017

Anne Marie Dupiton-Joseph, Byron Chen, Jason Morris, Ashly Pena, Dominick Chery, Shawnae Taylor, Guimarha Noel-Jeune, Serenity Seda-Desravines,

Emily Bermeo, Nylah Matthews, Sumayah Lezin, Schmeiderlyn Ulysses, Jaslyn Lizardo, Junie Cetoute, Sierra Griffin, Aaron Bhagwan, Joshua Matthews,

Shayla Ward, George Abraham, Mereddith Rony, Marven Emile, Anyssa Daley.

Aquinas Program – Sunflower STREAM Project

Joachim and Anne students displayed the St. Julie Billiart Sunflower STREAM Project at the Aquinas Exposition 2017. Van Gogh’s Sunflowers -five flowers in a vase has been the most visited painting in England. These flowers are bursting with meaning while representing the natural cycle of life with a supernatural glow.  His flowers along with St, Julie Billiart’s inspiration energized the students to use Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math into developing the many facets of the project. Mr. Corso, our Assistant Principal, was the Moderator. SsJA’s Proud Aquinas Members are: Angie Bermeo, Rousseau Francois, Chelsea Mullings, Jessica Casamajor, Lauren Hedge, Jared King, Jonathan Laura, Divia Myers, Ashley Predvil ,Shelsy Fils Aime and Melodie Cadichon. Congratulations to All!!!


Pictures are of the project

1st Holy Communicants


Ss. Joachim and Anne Communicants

May 6, 2017

Christopher Alvarado, Nolaan Beauvais, Cristine Bermeo, Aajay Bhagwan, Elias Boutin, Natalia Canzius, Eden Coriolan, Alyah Dieudonne, Alyssa Dieudonne, Naicha Exime, Aaliyah Flavigny, Kimberly Gonzalez, Quentyn Green, Augumn Griffin, Paul Guerrier, Anya Jean, Raphael-Ansley Joseph, Jonathyn Lafargue, Sanyah Lorcy, Neilah Marcelus, Phillip Menard, Farudja Moline, Djensley Moline, Kayden Patterson, Donovan Stephens, Leonard Thames , Jefferson Thelusmond, Christie Thompson, Ricardo Timothee, Imani Warren

Oratorical Winner is….

Congratulations to Jonathan Laura, winner of the Oratorical Contest held at SsJA on Wednesday, April 26th. Jonathan recited the essay titled Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives, by Prince EA. Participants of this contest were Fajah Gardner, Jessica Cassamajor and Carla Paul from Class 8-1; Ashley Predvil and Anyssa Daley from Class 8-2; Lola Aguda, Class 7-1; Chelsea Mullings, Markayla Gordon, Franly Dupuy and Divia Myers from Class 7-2. All orators had to choose a speech that was said publicly, memorize it and deliver it publicly. The duration of the speech should not exceed 6 minutes and no less than 3 minutes. Jonathan will represent SsJA on May 31st at the Diocesan Competition at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Academy.  Students participated under the guidance of Mr. Schoolfield the 8th Grade English teacher. Congratulations to all for a job well done!


The above is a picture of the participants in the contest

SsJA Moving Forward With A New STREAM Lab


Tech Plan – A brand new STREAM Lab will be completed by September 2017. This lab is being renovated from the ground up. New floor, desks, and lighting will make the room inviting. Brand new computers, printer and Smartboard will bring technological learning to a higher level of thinking. Hold onto your hats as we complete this newest endeavor at Ss. Joachim and Anne School. Catch the Spirit of SsJA!

Kindergarten Learning on the Smartboard


Math Class 7th Grade
7th Grade Science Lesson on Tablets


Team Learning Using Digital Techniques

Class 5-1 explored the various digital programs to reinforce a Math lesson on Fractions. Students were able to learn how to download the Pinterest Application on their cell phone and utilize the program to view different math problems relating to a Fraction Lesson.


The New Gym Floor!

Thank You Coach Wells!

SsJA would like to extend a special thank you to Coach Wells for refinishing and painting the gymnasium floor! Coach Wells spent Mid-Winter Recess working on the floor. SsJA students returned to a wonderful surprise from vacation. Blessings and thanks to Coach Wells.