Congratulations Joe!

Congratulations to Joe Bermeo, Class 5-2, on being one of the finalists of the Diocesan Regional Math Bee! Joe will be one of the representatives for the Queens Diocesan Schools/Academies going up against the Brooklyn Diocesan Schools/Academies in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens Math Bee.

Students of the Month!

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for February 2017. These students were awarded for their profound school spirit! Congratulations to this spirited group of SsJA students!

Class 3-1    Emily Iru and Nevaeh Morris

Class 3-2    Samuel Moline and Katelyn Villaman

Class 4-1    Jeannine Zephirin and Nevaeh Leslie

Class 4-2    Kaylyn Ulysse and Lovely Dyal

Class 5-1    Sharmine Dessalines and Patrick Pierre

Class 5-2    Alexis Rowe and Edwin Pena

Class 6-1    Ava Greenidge and Dorian Richard

Class 7-1    Samuel Mortel and Michael Pierre

Class 7-2    Joshua Matthews and Markayla Gordon

Class 8-1    Jared King and Mereddith Rony

Class 8-2    Shelsy Fils-Aime and Leslie Lizardo

Congratulations Class of 2017!

Congratulations to SsJA

Class of 2017 Catholic High School Scholarship Winners!

Ss. Joachim and Anne is proud of the 8th grade students who received scholarships to Catholic High Schools. Twenty-nine of our 8th graders applied to Catholic High Schools.

Carla Paul
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
Bishop Loughlin Academic Scholarship          $6,000

St. Agnes High School
St. Agnes Montepulciano Academic Scholarship  & Principal’s Award                                                                                                                          $10,000

Chelsea Sanabria
Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
Bishop Loughlin Academic Scholarship           $4,000

Angie Bermeo
St. Agnes High School
St Agnes Honors Program, St. Agnes Montepulciano Academic   Scholarship  & Principal’s Award                               $10,000

Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
Bishop Loughlin Academic Scholarship           $4,000

Melodie Cadichon
The Mary Louis Academy
TMLA Scholastic Award                                        $8,000

Shelsy Fils-Aime
Cathedral High School
Cathedral High School Full Academic Scholarship      $35,180

Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
Bishop Loughlin Academic Scholarship                          $6,000

Lauren Hedge

Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School
Bishop Loughlin Academic Scholarship                         $18,000

Madison King
The Mary Louis Academy
TMLA Scholastic Award                                                     $8,000

St. Mary’s Of Manhassett
St. Mary’s Of Manhassett Academic Scholarship          $16,000

Six Flags Read to Succeed!

Read to Succeed is a free program SsJA is participating in. It is sponsored by Six Flags. This is a wonderful opportunity to encourage our students to read more. Every student, Grades K to 7, who completes  six hours of recreational reading is eligible for ONE free admission ticket to a participating Six Flags Theme Park. Attached you will find the family letter and reading log to print. The school deadline is February 27th.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. DiSalvio who is part of our Six Flags Read to Succeed Team.

Click the link below…


Farewell to Fr. Robinson

” After meeting with me twice Bishop DiMarzio has decided to have me retire as pastor at the end of the month. Retirement means becoming an “active senior priest”, living and working in a parish part time in Brooklyn. I will be nearer my family, doctors and familiar locations of my childhood. The stress will be taken away while the need to work as a priest continues.

Leaving this parish is not easy because of the many events that we have shared together. I am grateful for all that you have done to help me these past nine years and will continue to pray for you and encouraged as I am by those who work selflessly for the greater glory of God in this community.”                                Fr. Robinson



Farewell Party for Fr. Robinson

January 29, 2017 at 3:00PM

Ss. Joachim and Anne Parish will be hosting a farewell party for our outgoing PASTOR, Rev. Robert M. Robinson. We are so grateful to Father for all his kindness, goodness and spiritual direction for the last 9 years.