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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

fifth grade ELA : readworks .org

fifth grade religion: chapter 17 day 2. We gather, we respond, 

How were the Apostles able to heal so many people and bring them to believe in the risen Christi?

Why did Jesus share his ministry with the Apostles?

sixth grade ELA . Readworksorg





Tuesday 3/17/2020

Fifth grade ELA. Log onto Code ylpfrr

 Fifth grade Religion:  chapter 17 day 1. Read pages 196 – 197. Complete we respond and we gather. 

Answer these questions 

For whom did Jesus have a special concern?

What did the healing and forgiving actions of Jesus reveal to others?

Sixth grade ELA:

Type on google docs, your essay from pages 202 -203 of your Ready book. 




Homework is assigned on a daily basis. The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills and concepts taught during the school day. I am asking that parents check their child’s homework daily. Some parents have made it a practice to initial the homework. Students should also make it a practice to review notes and study on a consistent basis. Students should be reading daily.

At Home Plan (Grades 4-8)

Coronavirus At Home Plan

Fifth Grade’s completed Seven Sacraments Projects!



SCHOOL CLOSED – 3/16 through 3/20

Posted on March 13, 2020


All elementary Catholic Academies and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn will be closed during the Week of March 16, 2020 to March 20, 2020.

We are meeting daily via conference call with the New York City Department of Health, Representatives from the Mayor’s and the New York City Department of Education.

The situation is changing hourly and we are doing our best to provide you with the most to date information. In addition, we ask that you continue to check the various websites if you require additional information.

We are also coordinating efforts within the agencies of the Diocese of Brooklyn.


Mrs. Freebes, Principal



School Closed – Monday, 3/16/20

Posted on

School will be closed on Monday, March 16th.

We will keep you posted as new information becomes available.

Thank you,

Mrs. Freebes, Principal

Middle School Curriculum: Grades 4 to 6

Posted on September 27, 2019

SsJA’s Middle School Program consists of key transitional years that not only prepare the students academically, but also provide them with the organizational, study and note-taking skills that will enable them to become independent and responsible for themselves as they eventually move into the Jr. High. While clearly academically focused, this preparation is as equally rooted in the six core values of goodness, faith, excellence, integrity, community and service to develop strong character that will help students to make the best possible choices as they learn to navigate through life.

Our dynamic curriculum of Integrated Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Religion, Spanish, and Social Studies, are designed to inspire and challenge each and every student. Teachers work in collaborative teams to provide an integrated approach to learning. Students learn in a differentiated environment where authentic learning is critical to the instructional approach.

At the same time, the program is highly personalized and support services are available, so that each child progresses at a pace appropriate to his developmental readiness. The Middle School years are a delicate balance of providing nurturing support and guidance to students encouraging them towards their independence and taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, socially and emotionally.

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