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Homework is assigned on a daily basis. The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills and concepts taught during the school day. I am asking that parents check their child’s homework daily. Some parents have made it a practice to initial the homework. Students should also make it a practice to review notes and study on a consistent basis. Students should be reading daily and practicing their multiplication tables.


5th Grade Science :  Copy diagram on p. A ___ and copy paragraph.

6-1: Workbook pp. 18-26, answer all questions in margins and complete p. 26

6-2: Worksheet pp. 44-45 complete both sides.

6th Grade Religion:  pp. 40-42. Copy and complete all questions/answer all in notebook.


5th Grade:  Read pp. A16-A21. Fill in outline for lesson #2.

6-1/6-2:  Science p. Nos 27, 1-8 Restate and Respond.

Religion:  “We Respond” on pg. 39

5th grade: list 25 examples of learned behaviors and innate behaviors( instincts)
6th grade science worksheets on watts. 


Homework 3/14/18

Science 5th grade: p. B47 Math Links read and write questions in science notebook. 
Science 6th grade: p.151 and worksheet. Write questions and answers on worksheet to be collected.

Homework 3/13/18

Science 5th grade: using the ecology packet, complete the” journal” activity. Choose two factors each to write about in your science notebook. 
Science 6th grade: make sure your outline is completed for lesson 1. Study for quiz on lesson 1 on Thursday

Homework 3/9/18

5th grade: complete the Ecology packet, review vocabulary words. 
6th grade:  Class 6-1 finish chart. Class 6-2:p. 150 #1-10 questions and answers.


Homework 3/7/18

5th grade: chapter 2 vocabulary words and definitions write 3x each. Study and review words. For lessons 1-4.
6th grade: chapter 5 write words and definitions 3x each on science notebook. For lessons 1-4.
6-2 religion review lessons 1-2

Homework 3/6/18

5th grade: reread chapter 1 unit B
6th grade: reread chapter 4 and review. 
6-2 Religion: write 5 facts on the queens and kings. P.135 “We Respond ” St. Louis of France, st.  Margaret of Scotland, st. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Bridget of Sweden, king Afonso of the Congo

Homework 3/5/18


5th Grade:stud  for test on Tuesday.

6th grade: study for test on Tuesday.

6-2Religion: “We Respond” on p. 133 copy and complete.

3/1/2018 Homework

5th grade: pp.B22-B23 #12-24copy and complete all questions and answers. Study for test Tuesday

6th grade pp. 138-139 #1-14; #1-10 copy and complete all questions and answers. #11-14 restate and respond. Study for test Tuesday

May 11, 2018

5-2 and 5-1:science: page B86 #1-6 copy and complete in notebook; page B86 #7-15, copy table and fill in the answer in notebook. Review chapter 3 for test  next week. 

6-1 &6-2: quiz today on Leason 1, for leason 2 draw and label the cell in notebook, write definitions in notebook for each cell part with functions due Monday. 


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