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Homework is assigned on a daily basis. The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills and concepts taught during the school day. I am asking that parents check their child’s homework daily. Some parents have made it a practice to initial the homework. Students should also make it a practice to review notes and study on a consistent basis. Students should be reading daily and practicing their multiplication tables.


7 SS: 1- Finish page 91 #s 1-5, 2- Re-read pages 87-91, 3- Activity page 91 Due Tuesday, 4- Test Friday

8 ELA: Vocabulary Page 40 Writing #2 on LL. Due on Tuesday. Unit 3 Vocab test on Wednesday.


SS: page 556 on LL

Religion: In NB describe what the world would be like if we didn’t have God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of others (1 paragraph) 




7 ELA: page 55 Discuss 1&2, Apply 1

8-1 ELA: Finish Vocab packet



1- Review pages 177-182

2- 3-D Thinking page 182 on LL.

Social Studies:

1- Read pages 552-555

2- Section 3 Assessment page 555 #s 1-7 on LL

ELA: page 34 words 1-6 3x each (word, definition, synonym, antonym). Vocab test Wed.

Bring in $ for ring!


7 SS: Worksheet

7 ELA: Vocab pages 39-40 #s 1-20

8-1 ELA: Vocab packet pages 37-38 Choosing the Right Word and Synonyms


ELA: Vocabulary page 40 #s 11-20.

Write the full sentence.

Science: 1- Read to page 185

  2- Make a foldable for all Vocabulary Words.

Social Studies: Page 551. All on LL.

Math: Packet


7 ELA: page 52 #11 on LL.

7 S.S. page 89 American Profile (Pocahontas)

7 Religion: page 49 #s 1-8 on LL in complete sentences.

8-1 ELA: pages 28-29 A,B,C,D

8-2 ELA: 1- Finish Classwork. 2- pages 28-29 A,B,C,D


Thanksgiving Break

7 ELA: Vocabulary Essay Assignment (Unit 3, Writing: Words in Action #2)

8 ELA: 1- Finish Characterization chart of Anna and Elsa

              2- In 1-2 paragraphs, identify a theme in Frozen and state how it is developed. Possible themes: The power of sacrifice, Love takes time and is built on caring, Don’t be afraid to be who you are. 

If you describe more than 1, I will give you extra credit.



8-1: ELA – page 26 A and B

8-2: ELA – page 25 #s 1-5 on LL. Answers only. Restate #5.

7-1 ELA: Packet Discuss Questions and all questions on last page of packet on LL

7-1 S.S.: 576 #s 1-3 on LL

8-2 :

Social Studies

1- Read pages 542-546

2- Answer #s 1-4 Q&A on LL

3- Activity page 546 DUE MONDAY **PROJECT GRADE**



7th ELA: Write 1 paragraph telling the similarities and differences of the story and movie “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

7th SS: Current Events due Monday


ELA: Read page 23, answer Comprehension Check on LL using RAFFT. 

Extra Credit due Tues.

Science: On 

Bring in $1 for Fr. Nixon

Frozen Permission Slip and $ due Tues!!



11/20/19 HW

7th ELA: Brom “Bones” Van Brunt Report due tomorrow.

7th SS: Current Events due Monday

8th ELA: page 22 Progress Book A and B in NB.




11/19/19 HW

7th ELA: Brom Bones Report due Thursday

7th S.S.: Take notes on pages 70-72

ELA: In 1 paragraph on LL, explain why you think Poe titled his short story “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Extra credit assignment due next Tuesday.

Religion: Luke 21:1-4; what does Jesus tell us about the importance of the poor among us?

Math: pg 73-76

Science: on 


7th ELA: Finish Investigative Report on Ichabod Crane and the essay assigned in class. This will be graded as a test!

8th ELA: Progress Book pages 20-21: Cite evidence A,B,C,D and Comprehension Check in NB.

Religion: Write your own version of The Good Samaritan story in NB

Math: pg 70,71,72 and finish test.

SS: pg 537 #17 in NB

Please bring in a picture of you with your parents.

Travel Brochure – Book Report Project


7th ELA: Work on your book report project. Due Monday.

7th S.S.: Study quiz Friday. 

8th ELA: Finish Edgar Allan Poe packet. Work on your book report projects which are due on Monday.

8th Math: pages 67, 68, 69, 70

8th Religion: John 14:1-6. Copy verses. What is the message?

8th Science: page 160 #s 4 and 5

8th S.S.: page 533 #s 3-5 on same LL as last night’s HW.


7th ELA: Work on your book report project. Due Monday.

7th S.S.: Quiz Friday

7th Religion: Read pages 37-39. On L.L. answer #s 1-5 in full sentences.

8th ELA: Work on your book report project. Due Monday. Tell-Tale Heart quiz on Thursday.

Science: How can I improve my parachute? 

  If you didn’t make one, make one.

8th Religion: Homework assignment on black board.

S.S. Pg. 533 #’s 1 & 2 on L.L. 


8th ELA: Read book for book report. Work on project. Due date – 11/18

7th Grade ELA: Finish reading Holes. Work on project. Due date – 11/18

7th S.S.: page 82 #s 2 and 3

Homework 11/5/19

7th ELA: Read 25 pages of Holes. You should be finished with Holes by the end of the week. If you have finished already, begin working on your book report project.

8-1 ELA: Read the book for your book report. Begin working on your book report projects.

8-2 ELA: 

1- Finish reading The Tell-Tale Heart and answer all questions on the side of the page. 

2 – Read the book for your book report. Begin working on your book report.



ELA: Read the book for your book report.

Math: Worksheet

Social Studies:

1- Define “Key Terms” on page 521 in NB

2- Read Section 2 pages 521-524

3- Activity page 524 in LL or Plain Paper/Construction Paper


ELA: Read pages 16-17. Answer #s 1-5 on LL. Write the question and full answer.


ELA: Read pages 15-17. Answer #s 6-11 on LL. Write the full question and answer.


8th ELA: Read the book for your book report.

7th ELA: Vocabulary words 3x each

7th S.S.: Define the Key Terms on page 68 in NB.


7th and 8-1 ELA:

Vocabulary test tomorrow.

Book Report Projects Due 11/18


ELA: Finish page 12 A&B. Vocabulary Test tomorrow! Read for book report.

Science: page 130 *You can use your ruler or tape measure.

Social Studies: Finish defining the “Key Terms” on page 516 in NB.

Math: Worksheet #s 1-5.

Project due next Friday

$2 dress down tomorrow. Wear your favorite team shirt, jersey or sweatshirt.



7 ELA: Read 20 pages of Holes tonight. Write a 1 paragraph summary about what you read. If you finished Holes, read 20 pages of another book and write a summary of what you read.

8-1 ELA: page 20 in Vocab packet – Writing: Words in Action #1. Follow all the directions. If you use more than 3 vocabulary words in your writing, I will give you extra credit. Underline the Vocabulary words!

7th and 8th Grade ELA:

Vocabulary test – Friday

Book Report Projects Due 11/18

7th S.S. – Project


8th ELA: 1- Read the book for your book report. Projects are due 11/18. We will talk more about the projects in class tomorrow. 

         2- Vocabulary Test on Friday.

7th ELA: 1- Read Holes. Project due 11/18.

                 2- Vocabulary Test on Friday.



ELA: Vocabulary – Completing the Sentence #s 1-15 on LL. WRITE THE FULL SENTENCE!

Science: Make corrections on your test. Write the question and correct answer 3x each on LL.

Social Studies: Test tomorrow! Key people and terms to know: draft, civilians, habeas corpus, inflation, emancipate, Emancipation Proclamation, Robert E. Lee, Edwin Stanton, Stonewall Jackson, General Philip Sheridan, Dorothea Dix

Possible Essay Questions: 1- Why do you think that free blacks and former slaves volunteered to fight for the Union?

2- Why did Southerners suffer greater hardship than Northerners during the Civil War?

***Also be familiar with the battles you read together in class.


ELA / Religion: Essays are due on Monday. (This is an 8th Grade ELA grade and a 7th Grade ELA and Religion grade)


Write an essay explaining how and with whom you share the good news of God’s love.

This must be 500-750 words. No more, no less.

Spelling and grammar count!

If you choose to type your final draft, only this will be accepted: Font – Times New Roman. Font Size: 12. Spacing – Double Spaced.

Science: Finish Worksheet

Math: Packet 


Math: Coach book. Domain 1, Lesson 3 (pages 29-36) Write each question and answer everything on looseleaf.

Science: 1- page 78 #s 1-4

  2- Read pages 81-85

  3- Reading Check pages 83-84


ELA: Grammar – Read pages 91-92. Answer #s 1,2,and 3 on page 92 in NB. 

High School Night tonight @ 7PM

Maryknoll Essay Contest essays for 7th and 8th Grade are due on Monday!


ELA: Vocabulary Completing the Sentence page 29 #s 1-10 in NB. Write the full sentence. 

Religion: Read page 14. Complete the Activity on LL


Finish page 19. All work will be collected tomorrow.

Science: Test must be signed and corrections must be done. Write the question with correct answers 3x each on LL. ANY TEST NOT SIGNED AND CORRECTED WILL BECOME A ZERO!!


Religion HW: page 13 – question at the bottom of Aristotle’s “proofs” list on LL. 

10/11/19 HW


1- Grammar book page 43 – Exercise 2 Combining Sentences #s 1-10 in NB.

2- Read Holes. Book Report Project due 11/18.

3- Extra Credit “Spooking Figuratively” 

Math: Packet

Science: page 78 #s 1-4

”Stop talking” punishment 10x each rule

8-1: pages 50-51 copy everything and write a paragraph. 
“Stop talking” punishment 5x each rule

8-2: Vocab #s1-10 5x each

10/10/19 HW

ELA: Vocabulary pages 25-26. Words #s 11-20. Word, definition, part of speech, synonyms, and antonyms 6x EACH in NB. 

Math: Packet

Religion: Answer this question on LL:

How do you reveal yourself to others? What is important about yourself that you choose to reveal to others? 

Science: Read pages 74-78. Answer Reading Check on pages 75 and 76 on LL. 

8th ELA: Finish packet. It will be graded as a test!


7th ELA: Worksheet

Math: Packet

Science: page 73 #s 1-4 on same LL as yesterday’s HW

8th ELA: Begin reading the book chosen for your upcoming book report project.


Social Studies: Page 43 – Geography and History question in NB.

ELA: Study for vocabulary test (pages 14-16)

Math: pages 41-44

Science: Do reading checks on pages 67, 69, and 70 on LL. 

8th ELA: Reading Comprehension test tomorrow. Look over all Terranova prep worksheets. Bring in a book for your book report.


Math: Worksheet

Social Studies: Research how to make a website.

Science: do page 60 #s 11-18

ELA: You will be given a Terranova in-class packet tomorrow. IT WILL BE GRADED! STUDY WORKSHEETS GIVEN OUT.

Reminders: Science test Friday, Vocab test Tuesday, Book Report Project due 11/12 on Holes.


8-1 ELA: Finish pages 22-23 on LL. Study for test on Thursday. 

Bring a book in by Tuesday, October 8 for your upcoming book report project.

8-2 ELA: Study for test on Thursday. 

Bring a book in by Tuesday, October 8 for your upcoming book report project.

7 ELA: Finish reading The Blue Jackal. Answer the remaining orange questions.


8th ELA: Finish packet. Poems due Friday.


ELA: Read pages 16-18

Answer the first question on all 3 pages (orange questions).

Math: Do all of pages 34,35,36,37. Check examples apply. Reveal book. 

Religion: Research about St. Jerome

Social Studies: Continue project on Entrepreneurs. Bring in Arts and crafts. 

Health: Write 5 people that you look up to.



-8th Grade ELA: Finish “Fall Poem” draft


  • 4th Grade: Finish worksheet
  • 7th Grade ELA: Worksheet – Read “The Face on Mars” and answer the questions on the back of the page.
  • 8th Grade ELA: Answer the Connect question on page 20.


  • 4th Grade ELA: Write one paragraph about yourself on LL.
  • 7th Grade ELA: Complete packet.
  • 8th Grade ELA: Answer all green questions in Across the Stars Part 2


– 8th ELA: Read Across the Stars Part 2. Answer all Orange questions.


  • 7th ELA – Answer the blue questions on pages 10 and 12. Re-read “The Boy Who Dreamed Too Much.” Be prepared for an in-class essay tomorrow.
  • 8 ELA: Complete pages 13-15.
  • 7 Religion – Finish classwork.


Religion: In one paragraph describe how God is active in your life on LL.

8th ELA: Finish packet.


– 8th ELA: Read pages 13-14 in packet. Answer #s 1-4.

– 7th ELA:Finish reading The Boy who Dreamed Too Much. Answer the Orange and Green questions.

– 7th S.S.:Finish classwork – page 41#s 3-5


  • 8th Grade ELA: Re-read “Across the Stars.” Answer all blue questions and the Synthesize question on LL. Use RAFFT for the Synthesize question. This will be graded!


  • 7th Grade ELA: Vocabulary pages 15-16. Write the words, definitions, synonyms, and antonyms for #s 6-15 3X EACH (#s6-10 should have been completed this morning in class)
  • 8-1 ELA: Read pages 8-12. Answer the Orange questions.
  • 8-2 ELA: Read packet. Answer the circled questions.


  • 7th Grade ELA:
    • Finish the packet given out today if you did not finish in class.
    • Vocabulary page 14. Copy the word, part of speech, definition, synonyms, and antonyms for Vocabulary Words 1-5 3X Each
  • 7th Grade S.S. : Research 9/11. Write 1 paragraph about your findings on LL.Write the website where you got your information from. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA! If you print or draw a picture, you will receive extra credit.
  • 8-1 ELA: pages 6-7 Discuss Questions
  • 8-2 ELA: Read packet. Answer the first questions on pages 8,9, and 11.


  • 8th Grade ELA: Finish your summer movie memory project.


  • 7th Grade ELA: Grammar pages 34-35 Excercise 2 #s 1-10 in NB
  • 7th Grade will have gym tomorrow. Wear your COMPLETE gym uniform.


  • 7th Grade ELA: Finish “Summer Jar” Project
  • Please sign and return all forms distributed today.
  • Please continue to bring in supplies such as paper towels, tissues, soap, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Grades 7 & 8 Summer Book Reports must be handed in by Monday, September 9. 


  • Please sign and return all forms distributed today.
  • Please continue to bring in supplies such as paper towels, tissues, soap, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Summer Book Reports must be handed in by Monday, September 9.

Summer Reading 2019

As an incoming 7th Grader, you are required to read the following book over the summer vacation:

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle 


As an incoming 8th Grader, you are required to read the following book over the summer vacation:

The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis 

On September 4, your first day back to school, you must:

– Hand in a one page Book Report on the novel.

–  Be prepared for a quiz on the novel that will be given during the first week back.

These will be the first grades you receive during the first trimester of the 2019-2020 school year and the first grades you receive in 7th/8th Grade.


Enjoy your summer reading!



Dear Parents/Guardians:
The following list includes all items your student will need at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

1x 7 Pocket Accordion
8x Single subject marble notebooks
12x Sharpened #2 Pencils
12x Royal Blue or Black Ink Pens
1x Box of Crayons
1x Box of Colored Pencils
1x Packet of Construction Paper
1x Pencil Case
1x Scissors
1x Glue
1x Pack of Index Cards
2x Packs of 250 sheets of Looseleaf
1x Homework Note Pad
1x Roll of Contact Paper
1x Scientific Calculator
1x Bottle of liquid soap
1x Bottle of liquid hand sanitizer
1x Roll of Paper Towels
1x Box of Tissues

Please keep in mind that items such as notebooks, pens, pencils, loose leaf, and index cards must be replenished throughout the school year. Binders are not to be brought to school. Desk space is limited and binders take up too much room.

All books whether it is hardcover or soft cover, must be protected with a book cover. You may use either book socks or paper book covers.

There is a $25 book fee for grade 6,7 and 8 for Math Books. This is due the first day of school.

Thank you,
Seventh and Eighth Grade Teachers


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