April Student of the Month

Fr. Nixon Congratulates and Blesses the Students of the Month for Outstanding Conduct

Chelsea Thompson and Chris Smith, 3-1; Lauren Abrams and Giselle Boone, 3-2

Aniya Grant and Janzel Mendez, 4-1; Kaylyn Ulysse and Serenity Seda-Desravines, 4-2

.Paige Simpson and Maxandra Julian, 5-1; Carmelle Vigne and Jada Williams, 5-2

Smarony Martin and Marjorie Mora-Bermeo, 6-1

Jennifer Avila and Jennifer Mora-Bermeo, 7-1; KyleMcKenzie and Shayla Ward, 7-2

Madison Hill and Matthew Lubin, 8-1; Marven Emile and Steward Peralta, 8-2

Congratulations to All!