Catholic Schools Week 2018

 “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” encompasses the core products and values that can be found in Catholic schools across the country. Not only are we teaching students to become future servant leaders, faith-filled disciples and enriched citizens in our communities, we, as educators, are growing with them. In Catholic schools, we are all learners, servants and leaders. These shared qualities are what make Catholic schools work. They are what make Catholic schools succeed.” NCEA Website.

This week the faculty and students of Ss. Joachim and Anne  celebrated Catholic Schools Week. There were many events and activities that the school participated in. 

January 29th- Buddy Day- Students from the upper grades visited students in the lower grades to do arts and crafts.



January 30th- International Day- The spirit of the Olympics visited SSJA as each class chose to represent one country. Students and teachers decorated their classrooms, some wore native garb,  and tried delectable cuisine to immerse themselves in their “new” cultures.


January 31st- Catholic Schools Week Mass and Student Appreciation Day- All students were awarded Talent Certificates and were given ice cream by Mrs. Freebes.

February 1- Pajama Day/Twin Day

Students celebrated by coming to school in their pajamas and dressing up as twins. 

February 2- Crazy Hat Day/ School Parade- Students came to school wearing crazy hat creations and we held a parade to show off the wackiness. 

More photos of Catholic Schools Week can be found in the photo section of our website. 

The Olympics Come to SSJA

As part of the kick off to CatholiSchools Week 2018 the Olympics will be coming to Ss. Joachim and Anne.

Each class will be representing one country of the world.

Students and teachers have researched and learned about the countries they will represent.

Also, during Physical Education Classes this week students will also participate in Olympic competitions with each other. 

We have many events planned for Catholic Schools Week visit the website and social media accounts for updates.

Students of The Month For Academics


To the Students of the Month 

for Academics

December 2017

Student of the Month

3-1 Gabriel Sainvil                          Kayden Patterson
3-2 Ava Parker                                 Denym Haughton
4-1 Kendra Jean-Francois           Yohance Joseph
4-2 Giselle Boone                           Chelsea Thompson
5-1 Camille Sykes                            Werthon Brice
5-2 Aiden Pascal                              Jeannine Zephirin
6-1 Joe Bermeo                                Adanna Iwu
6-2 Hailey Beharry                         Talia Foyle
7 Anabelle Fernandez                   Alaysia Brown
8-1 Breanna Wilson                       Lola Aguda
8-2 Divia Myers                               Sierra Griffin

Three Kings Party For Children 1/6/18

The Three King’s Party for Children will take place Saturday, January 6, 2018 at 11:30 AM in the Church Basement 

An adult must company the child/children.

Maximum- 3 children and 1 adult.

Ticket- 1 child- $5.00

2 or 3 children- $10.00

Thank you from Mrs. Freebes

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, 

        Happy New Year 2018. May the Light of Christ shine brightly upon you and may His love surround you.

        Thank you for your thoughtfulness, kindness, good wishes, beautiful cards and most generous and exquisite gifts.

       All are very much appreciated. Please know that I will say a rosary in thanksgiving for you and your special intentions. 

                                                                       Love and gratitude, 

                                                                        Mrs. Freebes

“When We Sing!”

December 15, 2017 

The annual Christmas concert where the students of SsJA perform Christmas songs for family and friends. The students, along with the teachers worked tirelessly to practice and put on a tremendous show as they sang to the joy of the coming of Jesus. Entitled “When We Sing” the concert brought the Christmas season into perspective as we wait for the coming of Jesus. 

Christmas Wish From Mrs. Freebes

Dear Saints Joachim and Anne School Family,

May the Peace of Christ’s Love be with you

This week we began Advent as we lit the First Candle of Hope on our Advent Wreath. Waiting for Jesus’ birth is a fervent and exciting time. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on all the reasons we are so grateful for the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The children pray every day and remember to do an act of kindness or make a small sacrifice to ready their hearts for this magnificent event.

Our Faith lights the way for love, joy and peace which is so needed in our chaotic world. May each candle bring you the desire which you hold so closely in your heart. The children in our care are the greatest gift that we have received. As you unwrap your Christmas gifts on December 25th, remember that Jesus loves you now and forever.

Christmas blessings,

Mrs. Linda Freebes, Principal