Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2020- Important Letter from Dr. Chadzutko

Graduation 2020 Family Letter

May 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians of 8th Grade Students,

I am writing to provide an update regarding the Class of 2020 8th grade graduation. We understand that it is disappointing for your child to end their final Catholic elementary school year without being able to celebrate the 8th grade graduation milestones with friends, family and their school community. However, we must still be ever mindful of the New York City and New York State safety and wellness guidelines. The guidelines state:

  • –  We must always be 6 feet apart (Social Distancing)
  • –  We must always wear a mask
  • –  We must never congregate in a group larger than 10 people
  • –  We must never be in contact with people, if we are showing anysigns of sickness

    We have all seen events on television celebrating graduation activities, but each event planned in the Diocese of Brooklyn is bound by New York City and New York State Guidelines.

    A decision has been made to move to a virtual graduation ceremony, considering the current orders regarding stay-at-home orders, social distancing requirements and restrictions on large gatherings. This very difficult decision was made with the safety of our students, staff, families and community in mind.

    While we know this is not how you imagined your child ending their elementary school experience, please know that your school leaders are doing everything in their power to make the Class of 2020 graduation celebration special and memorable for your child and their families.

    In the coming weeks, your school principal will be communicating the plan for all graduation activities and events.

May God, Our Father bless your child as they graduate and begin the next chapter of their educational journey. I would like to close this letter with this Parent Prayer…

May God Bless your graduates
May He keep them safe and sound; healthy in mind and soul
May they be ever aware of the awaiting crown as they navigate life
May they grow closer to God in and through their upcoming experiences May they grow closer to their loved ones in and through their experiences May God bless you, the parents, as you watch your children jump
May God keep them free of shame and us free of worry.


Thomas Chadzutko

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.
Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services

Ss. Joachim and Anne is part of the City Lunch Program. Therefore, if you qualify, your child is entitled to this program

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) Food Benefits

  • The sole role of School Food Authorities (SFA’s) in the Pandemic-Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) program is to provide the state agencies administering the program data for eligible students.  In this case, Office of Food ~ Nutrition Services (OFNS) acts as the School Food Authority (SFA) for all schools served by DOE’s food service program.
  • All students enrolled at schools receiving breakfast or lunch from OFNS under the School Breakfast / National School Lunch programs are eligible for P-EBT benefits
  • This includes all schools so served – public, charter and non-public.
  • All students enrolled at schools offered such meal service are eligible because our entire SFA is under the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
  • OFNS  –  like all other NY SFA’s  –   will provide data to the New York State Education Department (NY SED)
  • SED will forward student data to the agency administering this program, the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (NYS OTDA). 
  • OTDA is administering this program directly to all beneficiaries

What are P-EBT food benefits?

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020 authorized the payment of P-EBT food benefits to households with children who would have received free or reduced-price school meals under the National School Lunch Act, if not for a school closure. These temporary food benefits are to help cover the cost of meals children would otherwise would have received at school.

Do my child/children qualify for P-EBT food benefits?

If your child/children receive free or reduced-price school lunches, then they are eligible to receive P-EBT food benefits for the days their school was closed due to COVID-19. This includes all children attending Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools where all children receive free or reduced-price school lunches.

Do my preschool age child/children qualify for P-EBT food benefits if they were receiving free and/or reduced-price meals?

Children ages 3 and 4, who attend pre-kindergarten and who receive free or reduced-price lunch are also eligible to receive P-EBT benefits. More information about when and how to access their P-EBT food benefits will be mailed to you. Begin checking your mail for this P-EBT notice beginning in mid-June.

For full details on the program , please see here

Important Letter form the Superintendent about New Grading System for the Third Trimester due to COVID 19

Report Card Grading Rationale Family Letter

Dear Catholic Academy and Parish School Families,

Let me begin by trusting that you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this letter. I also want to express my gratitude for your patience and understanding, as we continue to move through remote learning, during this pandemic crisis.  We have experienced drastic changes over the past months and through your tremendous assistance, continue to be able to provide joyful student learning.  Our goal is to provide continuous educational opportunities and practice for our students, while schools continue to remain closed.

Teachers have been working tirelessly providing students with instructional work tasks and activities, however, grading student assignments, tasks and projects completed online at home is inequitable. Translated, grades collected are likely to be an inaccurate reporting of student learning.  There are factors outside of the control of the student and the school, with learning being moved off site; therefore, the aim is that student grades would be flexibly calculated as a result of remote learning.


While assessing for student learning informs understanding and mastery, grading refers to the reporting of student’s final proficiency.  For third trimester report card grading, the Office of the Superintendent~ Catholic School Support Services will be moving to a Pass/Fail model.  Since two-thirds of the academic year has been completed and teachers have recorded data on student progress, a final grade average will be determined by the averaging of the First and Second Trimester grades and factoring in the pass/fail progress a student makes during the Third Trimester.  The recommendation on grading is based upon the belief of no educational harm to any child.  COVID 19 and the suspension of on-school-site instruction, the first in modern history, has impacted our entire society.  

The Early Childhood report cards in Pre-Kindergarten-4 (parish programs) and Kindergarten will continue to reflect the Progress Codes (1-4) for the standards and an “X” code for “Not Introduced or Assessed” for the Third Trimester Report Card.

The Pre-Kindergarten-3 or Nursery report card is a narrative, developmental report card.

Grades 1-8 will shift to a Pass/Fail model, with the following levels of reporting for the Third Trimester: 

High Pass, Pass, Low Pass, Fail for the major subject areas of: Religion, ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. Special Subjects should also employ the levels of High Pass, Pass, Low Pass, Fail grades for the Third Trimester, if Catholic Academies and Parish Schools offered instruction in Music, Art, Languages other than English (LOTE), Technology, Regents Classes, etc.…

  • The level of High Pass (HP) correlates with the numerical grades of 90-100 
  • The level of Pass (P) correlates with the numerical grades of 80-89 
  • The level of Low Pass (LP) correlates with the numerical grades of 70-79 
  • The level of Fail (F) correlates with the numerical grades of 69 and below 

The yearly average (AVG) on the Student Report Card will be the average of the First Trimester and Second Trimester, while factoring in the passing or failing level for the Third Trimester, for the major Subject areas and Special Subject areas.

We are most appreciative of all the hard work and diligence of our families during these difficult times. Just as was done before COVID 19, our teachers and school leaders will continue to work diligently to ensure all students are learning and growing spiritually and academically.

Continued prayers for your health and safety.  May God, Our Father, provide us with the faith, hope and love, we all need to see this through.


Thomas Chadzutko

Thomas Chadzutko, Ed.D.

Superintendent~Catholic School Support Services

PDHP Advice “Dealing with COVID 19”

PDHP Advice Dealing with COVID 19

Dear Ss. Joachim and Anne School Community:

We have made it through 2 months of being out of school. They have certainly been filled with many emotions, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the strength we each possess to continue pushing forward in this pandemic!

During this time, it can be helpful to practice mindfulness for it has been proven to be a key component in stress reduction and overall happiness. The term “mindfulness” refers to a state of awareness that focuses on our experiences on a day to day basis. By enhancing our awareness in these moments, we are able to get in touch with our thoughts and feelings that allows us to think before we react.

Mindfulness supports the emotional and behavioral health of children and adults. It can be a powerful tool to aid us in regulating and re- focusing our busy minds in moments of intense emotions. We can naturally cultivate mindfulness in our everyday interactions with our family to promote good habits for the future. I invite you to try some of the following activities with your family:

  • Tune into your bodies and hear each other’s heartbeats.
  • Blow bubbles with emphasis on breathing in through your nose

    and blowing out through your mouth.

  • Partake in a mindful walk while pointing out what you see and

    hear along the way.

  • Explore different smells by inviting your child to help you cook.
  • Try guided meditation through a free application such as

    Headspace, Calm or Mindfulness. You can also check out this

    YouTube video

  • Practice yoga from home with Cosmic Kids Yoga



Sincerely, Amy Sifuentes

Re-register Now for September 2020

rose artMay the peace of Christ be with you!

In order to plan for safe classrooms and a safe building, Ss. Joachim and Anne must adapt to new guidelines of classroom arrangements. Therefore, you must re-register by May 12.

These numbers must be forwarded to the Diocese. If you can’t make the payment at this time, a small payment can be made now to secure the seat for a new configuration of the rooms. Remember we want you here with us in September to celebrate a new normal. You have taken this journey with us since March and we are not going to give up.

Please be counted, we need each other. Remember God has a plan. Email to reregister.


Mrs. Freebes

Progress Report Letter from Mrs. Freebes

Dear Parents and Guardians,

May the peace of Christ be with you.

On Tuesday, May 12th, all classes Nursery through Grade 8 (except for Pre K for All) will be receiving Progress Reports through Option C. Students will not be able to access those reports. All parents/ guardians will be able to access the reports regardless of tuition payment. This is to alert you to important information about your child’s progress before the final trimester Report Card is dispensed in June. It is not too late to go to school daily and do all assignments on- line and for others to continue to do fine work. You will be receiving instructions on how to access the Progress Report in the next letter. We all want our children to succeed and proceed to the next grade.

I teach Religion to Grade 7 and I can’t believe how profound some of the students have become. They were able to analyze the story of Jesus on the Road to Emmaus and compare it to COVID 19. I never mentioned COVID 19 within the lesson and yet so many of them used that comparison. They said when this pandemic is over they would be able to recognize Jesus in the healing of the sick and of the world.

We are blessed with such wonderful children and together we continue the journey with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus.


Mrs. Linda Freebes

Urgent Financial Aid Letter for COVID 19 form Mrs. Freebes

Dear Families:

As we go through this crisis together, there are so many needs that continue to grow. We are continually praying for you and your loved ones so that we may heal and emerge from these difficult times. We recognize the financial burden many have experienced as the school endures its own financial struggles.

Our partner scholarship organization, Futures in Education, has established a Relief Fund to assist families affected by the COVID-19 health crisis in completing their 2019/20 tuition payments.

You are invited to complete this form ONLY if your family has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis, resulting in a reduction or loss of income, and you are seeking tuition relief for the 2019/2020 academic year. Funding is very limited, and it is critical that we are able to assist those most affected by this crisis. Please only apply if your family has been affected in a way that it will not be possible for you to complete this year’s tuition payments.

We will work with Futures in Education to assess the overall need and funding received to determine how we may best help our families. The application will be open from now through May 15, 2020 and may be found at

Please alert us directly if you need this assistance so we are aware of your situation. This is a requirement of the fund. Write to

In addition, we encourage you to apply for the regular financial aid program administered by Futures in Education for the 2020-21 academic year now.

Futures in Education at 718.965.7340 or by email: if you have any questions or need assistance

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Freebes signature