Mission Statement

Catholic and Christ-centered 

Saints Joachim and Anne is a learning place that fosters intellectual and technological development in an environment of love, justice, and peace.


Saints Joachim and Anne is a school that offers a total challenging learning experience that incorporates both self-contained and departmental instruction in a heterogeneous class setting. We incorporate the Catholic Common Core Initiative, 21st Century learning through rigor, relevance, creativity, and intensity. 

Vision Statement 

Saints Joachim and Anne is a school that will provide…

  • A challenging experience to develop the whole child emotionally and mentally.
  • Students with an environment that maximizes their potential so that they will become moral, social, and global citizens. 
  • The lasting legacy of the Notre Dame de Namur tradition of faith, service, goodness, and integrity so that it will enjoy the support of its pastor, priests, parents, students, advisory board, faculty, administration, staff, alumni, and benefactors.
  • Students and school families with a multi-cultural setting so students will learn and show respect and compassion for one another.


Student of the Month — October

Congratulations to the following students who have received Student of the Month for Effort!

3rd Grade: Princess Ogundeinde, Naika Exume, Aaden Bhagwan, Amber O’Conner

4th Grade: Cristine Bermeo, Dudley Josaphat, Kelsi Elphic, Kayden Patterson

5th Grade: Katelyn Villaman, Ramalyne Jean-Julien

6th Grade: Prince Dyal, Briana Parker, Shawnee Taylor, Aniya Grant

7th Grade: Paige Simpson, Hailey Beharry, Emily Bermeo, Alexis Rowe

8th Grade: Christian Alexandre, Beatrice Rene

Student of the Month – September

Congratulations to the following students who have received   Student of the Month                “School Spirit”

3rd Grade - Nahla Germain, Joshua Borty, Nathaniel Godard, Amber O'Connor
4th Grade - Kimberly Gonzalez, Saniah Ramnarine, Edwin Fleurentin, Shardnae Tucker
5th Grade - Michael Dawkins, Kiara Melendez
6th Grade - Herve Menardy, Jocelyn Bermeo, Shawnee Taylor, Toni-Ann McKenzie
7th Grade - Patrick Pierre, Carmelle Vigne, Andrew Lao, Maddison Jackson
8th Grade - Kasmira Jeannot, Madison Ray