Christmas Wish From Mrs. Freebes

Dear Saints Joachim and Anne School Family,

May the Peace of Christ’s Love be with you

This week we began Advent as we lit the First Candle of Hope on our Advent Wreath. Waiting for Jesus’ birth is a fervent and exciting time. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on all the reasons we are so grateful for the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The children pray every day and remember to do an act of kindness or make a small sacrifice to ready their hearts for this magnificent event.

Our Faith lights the way for love, joy and peace which is so needed in our chaotic world. May each candle bring you the desire which you hold so closely in your heart. The children in our care are the greatest gift that we have received. As you unwrap your Christmas gifts on December 25th, remember that Jesus loves you now and forever.

Christmas blessings,

Mrs. Linda Freebes, Principal