COVID-19 At Home Plan

COVID-19 At Home Plan

At Home Plan

K-8th Grade

In order to provide for the educational needs of our children during the Corona Virus Pandemic, we are providing our students with a remote learning environment which will be readily available while COVID-19 forces us not to be in the school building. This will provide our students an opportunity to learn while following the safety guidelines that have been implemented by the government.

Our faculty and staff have prepared the tools necessary for us to implement a distant learning plan that will meet the needs of students. Using our school google accounts, teachers will provide daily assignments which will be posted for all grades and subjects. Students will be expected to visit and complete their daily assignments by the end of the school day. Each student has been given a username and password, for example,, to allow them to enter their homeroom and access their daily assignments. Attendance will be recorded daily when students log into their homeroom page. 

All teachers will be available for support to assist our students Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-3:00 via their school email which is posted on our school’s website.

These troubling times can be remediated in some way by knowing that we are taking every precaution to provide for the educational needs of our students in the best way possible. We pray for everyone’s safety and well being.