Fill The Bucket – Anti-Bullying Campaign

Fill the Bucket Anti-Bullying Campaign
Supports the
SsJA/St. Vincent de Paul’s Food Pantry and the
Little Sisters of the Poor for Thanksgiving

Please bring in 1 item each day

Friday, November 3rd—1 can of vegetables

Monday, November 6th—1 can of tuna or 1 roll of paper towels
Tuesday, November 7th—1 box of pasta or 1 small bag of rice
Wednesday, November 8th—1 can or box of soup
Thursday, November 9th—NO SCHOOL
Friday, November 10th—NO SCHOOL

Monday, November 13th—1 box of tea or 1 can of coffee
Tuesday, November 14th—1 can of fruit or 1 box of wipes
Wednesday, November 15th—1 can of tuna/salmon or 1 bottle of lotion
Thursday, November 16th—1 can of milk or 1 can of beans
Friday, November 17th—1 box of tissues or 1 can of soup

Thank You