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  1. Homework is assigned on a daily basis. The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills and concepts taught during the school day. I am asking that parents check their child’s homework daily. Some parents have made it a practice to initial the homework. Students should also make it a practice to review notes and study on a consistent basis. Students should be read to daily and they should practice their number and letter formations. 


Self-portraits “Let the Little Children Come to Me


** Please send in candy money as soon as possible. Thank you

Gym is on Wednesday

Pizza money is due by Wednesday:

$2.00 slice and drink, $3.00  2 slices only or $3.50  2 slices and a drink.

** Please send in the $50 fee from September for extra class supplies and snacks. 

Each student must have 3 notebooks. Daily classwork will be stapled into a notebook.

December 2 ,2019

Math do sheet both sides

Phonics sheet both sides

Fundations add letters and sounds for h, k and l

Reading words : at, it, the ,hop, jump,the , can, a

Counting: 1-10,    11-20,   21-30 ,      31-40,   41-50

Trip tomorrow;  wear gym uniform, lunch will be eaten in school, arrive to school regular time, the movie  theater will be selling treats



November 20

Math: sheet both sides

Fundations: add letters p and j to the study chart for daily review

Reading: words- can  hop  jump  is  the  at  it  can  

Please send $1 for Father Nixon ( see letter from earlier this week)

Counting:  practice counting numbers    1-10     11- 20    21- 30    31- 40    41-50


Nov.14, 2019

Math: pgs. 103- 104

Letter s: trace neatly 

Phonics: circle and color pictures with short o

Reading: practice words: a, the , at , it, can, hop, jump, I, cat

Fundations:  practice letters and sounds for: a,b c, d, short e, f ,g , short i, m, n,short o, r, s, t, short u


Nov. 5, 2019

Phonics: D page both sides

Math: practice counting 1 to 40

Study words: is, the, can, a, hop, jump, cat

Fundations: review aloud letter and sounds for a, b, c d, e, f, g ,m, n , o r, s, t, u

Thank you for sending treats last week 

This Friday, no classes, teachers have a meeting


October 31, 2019

Math: sheet both sides

Short a sheet

Please study letter and sound card study sheet

Reading review the words for this week

*Fall Dance tomorrow $5 / dress in orange, yellow,  red, or brown[ fall colors]

** please send treats to share in goodie bags ( Nov 1)

October 30, 2019

Thank you, to all of  our parents , for  all your  help on our trip to Green Meadows Farm . Wonderful!!!

Fall Dance this Friday $5

Please send treats for our goodie bags Nov. 1

Fundations:  study letters and sounds from study sheet.

Reading: study words- and, the, a, cat, see, I, can, hop, run, jump


October 29, 2019

Green Meadows Farm Trip tomorrow.  Dress down in warn play clothes.

Math: pages 67- 68 review of problem solving using maps.

Reading: complete sheet (practice) for the word [is]

Reading: review words [and, the, run, is, hop, run, a , I, can, cat, hop, jump

Fundations: practice sound and picture cues for letters – short a, b, c, f, g, short i m, n, short o, t, short u using the study guide with pictures. [Please keep this guide in the folder.

* Fall Dance $5 this Friday. 

** Please send $50 for snack and extra supplies 


October 28, 2019

Math: number order sheet both sides

ELA sheet: both sides

Fundations: practice sounds and picture cues for letters- a, b, c, f ,g, i, m, n, t, u

Reading: study words for fluency- and, the, run, can, a, cat, hop, I, jump, is

Please send treats to share on  Nov 1st our Fall Dance.



Oct . 24, 2019

  1. Sound alphabet card sheet: Please keep this study sheet in the folder
  2. (Fundations) have  your child show you how we say the letter- picture cue- sound method.  We have done letters and sounds for: short a, b ,c f, g, short i, m, n, short o, t, and short
  3. Math :sheet both sides
  4. Phonics:pg 53 only
  5. Please send $50 fee for kindergarten snacks & extra supplies
  6. Trip money due by October 25th. Chaperones are needed, $20


October 22, 2019

*Please send trip money… chaperones are needed.

Math: both sides of sheet

Phonics: review of initial sounds , a- b-h-g-c

Review reading words : is- can – the- a – I

Please send goodies to share on Oct. 31st

Reminder: Please send in the $50 fee for snacks, supplies, and art items. 



October 18, 2019

ELA : sheet following directions and color the answer that is circled

Math: pg 87- 88

* Please send the project, supply, and snack money that was due in September ($50) . 

Practice reading words: and – the- a- can


October 16, 2019

Math: sheet both sides

Reading: study words.  and- the – can- a

ELA: sheet complete and color neatly

* Lunch for Green Meadows  Trip should be put in a paper bag then in a doubled plastic  grocery bag.  The doubled grocery bag will be used to carry their pumpkin home.*

* Please begin to send in treats to share for October 31, 2019.

Thank you for your co- operation


 October 15, 2019

Math: sheet on identifying the number of objects up to 5.

Phonics: page on “g”

Fundations: new letter sounds /g/ and short /a/

October 9, 2019


Phonics :study and recite initial sounds for b, c, m, n, t, short i, short o, and short u

Reading: study words. I, a, the, can

Math: practice writing 5 neatly on the sheet

Fundations: complete and color neatly Fun Match pg 10

October 8, 2019


Phonics: study initial sounds for b, c, short i, m, n, short o, t, and short u each day.

Reading: study story words  I, can, the

Math: complete the number 4 sheet neatly

Phonics: circle and color initial “m” pictures

Fundations: trace bold letter “u” 10x and say the sound 10x

Say,” short u – /u/ – up

  1. Please note: /u/ stands for the sound of short u


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