Parents and Guardians

Parent Student Handbook
This handbook contains a complete listing of Ss. Joachim and Anne School’s policies and procedures, faculty, school services, and more. Included in the handbook are detailed explanations of academic policy, including homework, report cards and promotion/retention; general policies and procedures, including lateness, attendance and dress code; and other vital information, including code of conduct, anti-bullying policy, emergency procedures and more.

Parent-Student Handbook 2021-22

COVID Parent Handbook Addendum as of 9/22/21

Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Sept 2021

Acknowledgement of Receipt for Acceptable Use Policy for Technology

Cyber-Bullying Policy September 2021

Acknowledgement of Receipt for Cyber-Bullying Policy for Parish Schools

Anti-Bullying/Harassment Policy
The school communities within the Brooklyn Diocese believe in the sanctity of human life and the inherent dignity of the human person. We believe that all students, school employees and volunteers have a right to a safe and healthy school environment. All members of the school community, in turn, have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. Research shows that students who learn in a safe and supportive environment succeed academically. Students have a right to learn in an environment free of any harassment that substantially interferes with their education. Complete Policy