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Nursery had a lot of fun this week. The students created art projects. They mixed red and yellow paint to make orange fire and made fire trucks. They learned the importance of fire safety. The children ended the week with a tasty treat made by all: a firetruck cookie.



While learning about the school bus through shapes and colors, our nursery class prepared their own school bus cookie-snack!


SCHOOL CLOSED – 3/16 through 3/20

Posted on March 13, 2020


All elementary Catholic Academies and Parish Schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn will be closed during the Week of March 16, 2020 to March 20, 2020.

We are meeting daily via conference call with the New York City Department of Health, Representatives from the Mayor’s and the New York City Department of Education.

The situation is changing hourly and we are doing our best to provide you with the most to date information. In addition, we ask that you continue to check the various websites if you require additional information.

We are also coordinating efforts within the agencies of the Diocese of Brooklyn.


Mrs. Freebes, Principal



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