Students of the Month!

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for February 2017. These students were awarded for their profound school spirit! Congratulations to this spirited group of SsJA students!

Class 3-1    Emily Iru and Nevaeh Morris

Class 3-2    Samuel Moline and Katelyn Villaman

Class 4-1    Jeannine Zephirin and Nevaeh Leslie

Class 4-2    Kaylyn Ulysse and Lovely Dyal

Class 5-1    Sharmine Dessalines and Patrick Pierre

Class 5-2    Alexis Rowe and Edwin Pena

Class 6-1    Ava Greenidge and Dorian Richard

Class 7-1    Samuel Mortel and Michael Pierre

Class 7-2    Joshua Matthews and Markayla Gordon

Class 8-1    Jared King and Mereddith Rony

Class 8-2    Shelsy Fils-Aime and Leslie Lizardo