Summer Letter to Parents


Dear Parents and Guardians, 

May the peace of Christ be with you.

Each day has brought us close to hoping for a cure for COVID19.  We pray that during the summer months, either a treatment or a vaccine will be found. Thank you, dear families, for all your support, patience and understanding during these trying times. You have been the best parents and guardians. I want to take this opportunity to thank my teachers and staff for their dedication and unceasing effort to make remote learning an effective tool for our students.

We are very proud of the Virtual Graduation for our 8th Grade on June 12th. We especially want to thank those who handled the technology for the Graduation. They went over and above to make the Graduation a precious moment for our students.

June 17 will be the last day of remote learning for Grades Nursery to 7. On June 19, there will be a Prayer Service at 10 AM for all the students, families and teachers.  Students in Nursery to Grade 7 will be able to receive their Report Cards digitally. No reports will be copied.

Next week, students will be given a time to pick up and return their schoolbooks, etc.

Children who must go to Summer School will be given information to attend or a packet to do over the summer.  All children will be given a packet to do over the summer to be prepared for the next grade.

Please remember we will be waiting patiently for our students’ return in September. Be healthy, safe, and blessed.

With love and prayers, 

Mrs. Freebes, Teachers and Staff

Summer Letter to Parents